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You’ve Never Seen The Exclusive Inside Story Of Mink Eyelash Vendors Production And Factory!

You’ve Never Seen The Exclusive Inside Story Of Mink Eyelash Vendors Production And Factory!

You see many beautiful eyelashes on the market. Do you know how to produce the eyelashes provided by the high-quality mink eyelash vendors! Let’s uncover the inside story of mink eyelash making for you!

1.First of all, many customers have such questions about the hair of our mink. Is your eyelash zero cruel? Is it natural? Where’s your mink hair from? Is it through normal channels?

Our eyelashes are collected from the hair naturally shed by minks and then cleaned. Our workers make them by hand. Our most skilled workers can only make 20 pairs a day. It not only ensures the softness and nature of eyelashes, but also embodies the value and value of our eyelashes! So here I can definitely answer you that our eyelashes are absolutely zero cruelty, which is really made by Siberian mink!

2.Secondly, what is our factory and production environment like?

As a mink eyelash vendors who has been in operation for many years, we have a lot of customers, and customers have needs. In order to meet the needs of customers’ mass ordering, our factory has hundreds of workers who make eyelashes by hand. We do not use machines to produce eyelashes on a large scale, because girls’ eyes are very weak. In order to make eyelashes soft and natural, all our eyelashes are made by hand !

3.Do all eyelash suppliers have their own factories? What is your factory like?

Not all companies have their own factories. As eyelash vendors , we have our own factories, which is also the biggest competitive advantage among many companies of our company. We will not be out of stock and out of stock. The most important thing is that we can control the quality of our company’s eyelashes by ourselves. We will never allow inferior eyelashes to be provided to our customers!

If you want to find  reliable lash vendors, be sure to remember: pay attention to the strength of the company and product quality!

This is the top priority for you to start your eyelash business. These two are the most important criteria for you to consider a company.

To be sure, if you choose us, we will not let you down, so if you plan to start eyelash business, please feel free to contact us!

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