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Why New Eyelashes Are Selling All Over America?

What kind of eyelashes are popular in America?

Our latest 25 mm eyelashes DY series, why is it so popular?

First, let’s take a look at our eyelash catalogue:

25mm lashes of DY

And, of course, our best-selling styles:

Second, why our new eyelashes on the market is so popular!

1.From beginning to end, we always insist on the handwork. Our eyelashes are all hand-made Siberian mink hair. By collecting the hair that the mink naturally falls off, our most skilled workers can only make 20 pairs per day

2.The quality of our lashes has been further improved to meet the requirement that more customers can use them more times for the cost of a pair of lashes.We can normally use this eyelash 30-35 times!Amazing quality. Why not place an order?

3.Only our eyelashes are verified by the country, which is also the guarantee that our brand is at the top of Google search!

4.The most important thing is that the quality has improved, but the price has not increased. Our eyelashes are the same as the previous DL style, but the quality is much better than DL, and the styles are more and more beautiful!

5.Last but not least, our eyelashes are popular because of the trust of new and old customers, so that we can dedicate better eyelashes to our customers

We believe that the new products will surely attract more customers’ attention, now the bulk order is more preferential, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact me!!

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