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What Is The Real Mink Lashes Vendors

What Is The Real Mink Lashes Vendors

AVOU Mink Lashes Vendors are the one who do mink Lashes business with customers , they supply mink lashes in the market with wholesale price or retail price.

There are three type mink lashes vendor in the all mink lashes market.

The first one is mink lashes manufacturer.

They produce mink eyelashes by themself, and they have own mink Eyelash Factory.

If you cooperate with them , you can get a good wholesale price if you make a bulk order ,and can be Avoid wholesalers increasing prices

The second type is mink lashes trading company.

They buy Mink Lashes Bulk Order from the mink Lashes Factory with a competitive wholesale price. And then then sold to the lashes distributor. They often do B2B business with Lashes Wholesaler with low price and low MOQ.

The third type is mink lashes distributor.

They do B2C business with retail price .

They buy their mink lashes from the lashes factory or lashes trading company , and then sold mink lashes to the customer.

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