Sample Packs&The Most Popular Style

Sample Packs

Dear, we are a professional  mink eyelash vendors, we produce high quality mink eyelash, there are a lot of new customers before his eyelashes business there are a lot of concerns, we think about this, so if you want to buy some of the mink eyelash samples in our company, the following is a very good match, we’ll give you for your choice and reference:

SAMPLE PACK 1: 5 pairs of 16 mm DC mink lashes ONLY $45

SAMPLE PACK 2: 5 pairs of 25 mm(DY/DL) mink lashes ONLY  $53

SAMPLE PACK 3: 6 pairs of 20mm &25 mm mink lashes ONLY $58

SAMPLE PACK 4: 6 pairs of 20mm &22mm &25 mm mink lashes ONLY $58

SAMPLE PACK 5: 10 pairs of all length each style 2 pairs mink lashes ONLY $80

Dear, our best-selling styles are as follows. You can match them with whatever you like:

16 mm eyelash DC series:


20 mm eyelash DM series:

22 mm eyelash DN series:

25 mm eyelash DY/DL series:

Dear, you can match any style you like, please contact if you place an order:

WhatsApp:+86 15575347900