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Oh, My God!Contact Our Brand To Customize Your Own Lashes Packaging LOGO Is Only $10

Oh, My God!Contact Our Brand To Customize Your Own Lashes Packaging LOGO Is Only $10

AVOU Lashes has made remarkable progress here in the USA and around the world!!!!!!We are the only brand in the WholesaleMink Eyelashes industry in China with the most versatile eyelash selection. 50++ exclusive Mink Eyelash style selection to meet your needs for every occasion. From short, long, natural, glamorous and dramatic mink lashes, we all have them!

WholesaleMink Eyelashes

AVOU Lashes Is The Best Mink Lashes Vendors Wholesale

We have a lot of customers who want to start their own eyelash business and want to create their own brand!But they don’t know what to do about the logo, so here’s an important piece of news!Our company can customize logo!!And if you buy a joint venture, we have professional designers can design the logo for you for free!No charge!!

Eyelash Packaging Box

I will introduce a lot of cases of our Eyelash Packaging Box to you. Now the boxes we designed are very popular in the market. I believe you must have seen such boxes in your life!Beautiful butterfly acrylic box, luxurious diamond box, with a retro drawer box!Print your logo on it and it will look great!In order to make it easier for our customers to start their eyelash business, we specially hired the most professional designer to design the box for everyone for free. Of course, if you only need the logo, you can have your own logo for only $10!

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

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