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Mink Eyelashes Are Not Difficult To Pick, Master These 3 Principles Is Enough!

Mink Eyelashes Are Not Difficult To Pick, Master These 3 Principles Is Enough!

I believe many girls have used mink eyelashes. It can not only enlarge your eyes quickly, but also make your eyes look bright. Moreover, it is convenient, simple and quick to use, so that you can get rid of the trouble of big eyes. Can’t help but want a mink eyelash? The following three principles need to be mastered.

mink lashes wholesale
mink lashes wholesale

1. According to the mink eyelash material, we want to create natural and thick eyelashes, but the material is the most important. The make-up effect of false eyelashes of different materials is different. As long as the material is right, every girl can have natural curly eyelashes.

The softness and rigidity of different animal hair are different. The natural curling effect of mink eyelashes is better, which is close to the real eyelashes of human body, but the curling degree will decrease when encountering water. Horse hair is stiffer, and its softness is not good. The best choice is mink eyelash, which is not only natural but also soft.

Generally, when the eyelashes of animals burn, there will be a fishy smell of animals. After burning, they will become fine ashes.

2. According to the mink eyelash stem want to make up more natural and fit, different materials of mink eyelash stem is also a key consideration. Different materials of mink eyelash stem have different makeup effects and comfort. You can choose different types of eyelash stem according to your hobbies.

3. According to the type of mink eyelashes, everyone has different eye types. Different eye types and different types of false eyelashes will make your eyes more shiny and charming, and shape your eyes. Therefore, when selecting mink eyelashes, you can choose them according to your own eye type to create a makeup effect with half the effort.

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