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If you want to be a good Lash Vendor, you must know these three things

If you want to be a good Lash Vendor, you must know these three things

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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

  • 1. You must know what product to choose and create a hot product.
  • 2. You must know how to identify and judge the quality of your products, and find a reliable eyelash factory.
  • 3. You must know how to promote your business.

1. You should have a product catalog and a hot product

To become an eyelash vendor, you need to have a fixed list of products, and you need to have a hot product.

If you want to be a vendor of eyelashes, you must have a variety of products to let customers with different needs choose. It is best that your customers can buy everything they need from you. Bring convenience to your customers, and your customers will bring you business.

And, you must have a hot product, your business will be very hot.

According to statistics, most of the shops with very good business, more than 70% of the performance contribution comes from a certain popular product. Therefore, if you also want your business to be particularly hot, you have to create a hot product. This product can be a product that is in high demand, or it can be a hot new product. For example, the very popular 25mm mink lashes or the latest Lash glue pen. These are very suitable choices for popular products.


2. You should know how to identify the quality of your products

If you want to know “how to identify the material of eyelashes“, you can read this article.
If you want to start your eyelash vendor  business, you need to own a lot of products. This is a complicated matter. You have to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of each product, otherwise there will be customers coming to you for trouble one day.

And we know that the quality of products on the market is uneven, how do we ensure that the quality of the products we choose is reliable?

The most reliable way is to sample a product before buying it in bulk. In this way, we can ensure that our products are free of problems in advance without spending a lot of money. If the factory you find claims that you have to buy a larger quantity of products at one time and cannot provide samples, you need to be careful about scams, because such factories usually do not plan that you will buy their things a second time.

Sometimes, you will buy things of great quality at a lower price, but when you buy in large quantities or purchase multiple times, you suddenly find that you have received things of poor quality. This is because you have encountered a partner with no integrity or encountered a scam.

How to avoid this situation? When you want to buy products in large quantities, we recommend that you sign a purchase contract with your factory and pay for the goods through reliable payment channels. Such as paypal and Alibaba trade guarantee. If you pay through paypal, you can get back the payment by appealing when you encounter fraud. This can protect your rights and interests from harm.

3. Promoting your business is very important

If you want to get a lot of orders, then first you need a lot of customers to know you. So promoting your business is an important thing.

You have to promote your business on social platforms, and you have to have a loud and easy-to-remember slogan. For example, “Start your own eyelash business from AVOU Lashes” or “Want to make $2000 per week? Start your eyelash business and you will get more”.

You need to register your brand account on as many social platforms as possible so that your customers can find you more easily. For example, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms, you can promote your business and products on it, so that more people can understand and love them.

If you use paid advertising to promote your business, the effect will be better.



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