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How To Use Lip Gloss?

How To Use Lip Gloss?

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First, prepare your lips
Before applying Lip Gloss, you must make sure to exfoliate. Since the gloss is very transparent, any dry or chapped skin will appear immediately. You can use a simple sugar scrub or buy high-quality lip exfoliating products.

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Soften things
After successful exfoliation, the next step is to soften the lips. You need to use a high-quality lip balm to perform this step. Apply, and then wait about one to two minutes for the moisture to seep in.

Wipe off the excess
After a minute or two has passed, wipe off the excess lip balm. This will make the application of the product easier and smoother.

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Use Lip Gloss
Although some people say yes, even lip gloss needs lining. You don’t have to have hard lines, you can even use clear liners. However, using eyeliner can prevent lack of shape and poor definition of the lips. Use your favorite eyeliner to apply lightly and blend to the middle of the lips to give it a gradual appearance.

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