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How To Start Eyelash Business And Grasp Business Opportunities During The Epidemic

How To Start Eyelash Business And Grasp Business Opportunities During The Epidemic

1.Now the global virus is breaking out and a lot of business has stopped. Why are the orders of our company increasing recently?
The answer is: We are professional eyelash vendors. Affected by the epidemic, shops and restaurants closed, but orders for our eyelashes increased. This is because many of our new and old customers know that now all the eyelash shops have very few eyelashes. When the popularity is over, everyone will buy a lot of eyelashes, and then they can seize the opportunity. As the demand for eyelashes increases, so will the price. So, when the business opportunity comes, it depends on whether you can grasp the opportunity to make money!

2.How to do eyelash business in a planned way during the epidemic?

The answer is:As a eyelash vendors.Many of our business minded customers have started to let their customers book in advance. Now many of their eyelashes are used up. But when they are hesitant to buy, you can attract customers’ attention through beautiful pictures and videos, let them book and replenish according to their needs, so that the epidemic will not have any impact on their business。Also won in the starting line of the market, and customers can accept a slightly higher price of fine mink eyelashes without buying ways. Many customers have ordered 500 pairs or more eyelashes during this period, so don’t regret losing the most profitable opportunity because of the epidemic in this period!

3.Will buying eyelashes now be threatened by the virus?

The answer is:NO!China China novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia expert Bruce Elward (Bruce Elward) recently praised the China’s epidemic prevention measures against new coronavirus pneumonia in the US media. “China’s epidemic has stabilized and is falling faster than expected,” the New York Times said in an interview. In general, because of the low surface survival of these coronaviruses, the risk of transmission through transport products or packaging in a few days or weeks at ambient temperature can be very low. At present, the epidemic situation has been well controlled, Chinese enterprises have basically returned to normal operation, delivery time, product quality and safety have been well guaranteed. You can order 25 mm eyelash, custom eyelash bag from mink’s yelash supplier at ease.

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