13MM Nature And Smaller Lashes!

13MM Mink Lashes of DR Series

This is our new 13mm mink eyelash.
Our company is always trying to develop new eyelash styles to meet the needs of more customers. Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from customers who say that their customers want lighter, more natural, shorter styles.
There are a lot of customers who wear glasses who want shorter lashes that don’t interfere with wearing the glasses.

As a professional Mink Lashes Wholesale vendor, we immediately started to produce shorter, lighter and more natural eyelash styles. Thus, DR series was born. They provide a good choice for natural nude makeup and are more suitable for everyday wear and for young girls

We have launched 16 different styles for you to choose, the most popular ones are DR09, DR11 and DR16, you can also choose according to your own preferences, you think more popular and more beautiful style!

If you want to see and watch the 13mm video more clearly, please click on this video:

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