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What Kind Of Mink Eyelash Wholesaler Is Your Best Choice

What kind of mink eyelash wholesaler is your best choice

We are 3D mink eyelash vendors and 25mm lashes manufacturer from China, we can do custom boxes, private labels.We are engaged in wholesale and retail business and can also provide you with samples.We launch and design new eyelashes every week.Don’t miss out on the best mink eyelash vendors wholesale.

Reasons to choose our company as your mink lashes wholesale:

1.Our company has its own factory, handmade, we will strictly control the production process, exquisite unique raw material processing technology, no one has been able to!(other small workshop vendors have no technology and cannot guarantee the quality)

2.Real mink eyelashes, we will collect mink hair shed, so that you have the most natural, zero cruelty mink eyelashes, our mink eyelashes can be used 20-25 times.(many other factories are made of artificial wool, which is unnatural, and the eyelashes fall off once or twice!)

3. In eyelash design, we have our own designers, according to the changing needs of the international market constantly update the style, always stand in the forefront of fashion, leading the international eyelash trend.Exclusive development of the shaping process to ensure that the eyelash elegant natural, there are a lot of our own manufacturing eyelash modeling on the market, widely acclaimed, a lot of customers from our order here, have reaped rich profits and returns.Only know eyelash market dynamics, to control the market, our company always ensure that our products are the most innovative, the most popular style on the market!



4.About box, we in order to meet the market on the needs of different customers, production out of the hundreds of different styles of elegant box allows you to choose and buy, we are environmentally friendly recyclable boxes, the most important thing is that our box you can print your logo, minimum quantity only need 30, this is one of the biggest advantage of our company (a lot of companies don’t have their own factories, to ensure the quality of production orders to the minimum order quantity is 100), many customers in our here to customize your own packing box, build their brands, fashionable, popular!

5.Our staff will be waiting for your contact all day long to carefully and patiently answer your questions for you, so you don’t need to but just want to have a preliminary understanding!

6. In the Internet age, time is money, so if you don’t seize the opportunity, you lose not only time, you lose money and the opportunity to make a fortune!

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How To Start Your Own Lsah Line?

How To Start Your Own Lash Line?

Welcome, if you want to start your own eyelash business, here are a few great ways to help!

First of all, you need to know that starting your own eyelash business doesn’t have to be a very high cost, you only need a little money to invest, you can have a huge harvest!



Your product quality must be guaranteed, so, choose  good professional eyelash vendors is necessary, if you offer the eyelash of poor quality, you will lose a lot of repeat customers, your brand development also will be restricted, you will not be able to gain advantage in competition, simple, you will not continue to earn more money, The quality of your lashes determines your brand and your customers’ confidence in you,so, find good eyelash vendors!

Then, the first try, you can choose to order samples and quality in check select market eyelash style to order, you must grasp the market dynamics, attention to the be fond of of people now, so, since the best-selling eyelash style your eyelash business, is a good start!

If you want to have your own characteristics, don’t forget to find a wholesaler who can custom eyelash boxes with a minimum order quantity of around 30. You can design your own logo, pictures and stickers, so your box will definitely be popular soon. A beautiful box will attract a large number of customers for you immediately!

Finally, adhere to the decision, brave to try and start a business eyelash is very simple, we are the eyelash vendors, this is our Suggestions to their customers, many customers want to start business eyelash, listened to our advice, take the goods from us in order to the factory price, have made a lot of money and a minor celebrity, so believe we are right, no matter whether you choose us, as long as can be useful for your future business!

Don’t let your hesitation cause you to miss out on a huge opportunity to make money!

Hello, if you have made a decision, you can also contact me, I will give you a best plan:


Whatsapp:+86 17860906410