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In Addition To Eyelashes And Custom Boxes, What Else Does Your Eyelash Business Need!

In Addition To Eyelashes And Custom Boxes, What Else Does Your Eyelash Business Need!

Many customers who have just started their own eyelash business are asking, I have eyelashes, and I also have my own customized packaging. Can I start my own eyelash business? As a professional eyelash vendors wholesale, we can give you some suggestions. Some auxiliary tools sometimes bring unexpected customers to your business!

If you are going to start your eyelash business, don’t just focus on eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging. Many auxiliary tools will add a lot of color to your business. After all, in the fierce competition, many small tools can also attract people’s attention!


Many customers will give beautiful eyelash brushes as gifts when their customers buy their products. Many customers who like beautiful eyelash brushes will choose their shop for gifts. You may wonder, do I need extra money to pay for extra brushes? If you choose us as your eyelash vendors, in order to maintain our new and old customers, the company will give you a FREE limited amount of exquisite BRUSHES!

Glue is a must for every customer to stick their eyelashes. If you can do it in one step, you can not only make a lot of money, but also make your customers feel your professionalism. Most of all, we can customize the glue of your private label for you, so that you can better promote your brand!

At last, have you guessed what it is in your mind? Yes, how can we start eyelash business without customized tweezers? We have a variety of color tweezers for you to choose from. Unlike other plastic tweezers, our tweezers are high-quality pure iron tweezers, which are more exquisite and not easy to damage. Of course, our tweezers are our star products, especially the black and rose gold styles. Are you excited?

If you have these gadgets, your eyelash business must be growing. Many customers will be attracted by different gadgets. If you just sell them, you will occupy a certain market. The same team and many competitors are not small advantages, but also attract customers with different needs!

If you come for consultation, we have more colors and patterns for you to choose. At the same time, we can customize the label for you free of charge. If you are excited, please contact me!

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Top Ten Best Selling Eeyelashes In 2020!

Top Ten Best Selling Eeyelashes In 2020!

If you want to start your eyelash business, many people will face a problem. What is the best-selling eyelash style on the market now? No matter what kind of business we are engaged in, we should know our customers’ preferences and understand the market. Select products according to market demand. According to the analysis of market data, we summarize 10 best-selling eyelash styles for your reference. Avou lashes is a professional eyelash vendors. It has been engaged in mink eyelash industry for ten years. It has a very high level of professionalism, I hope to bring you a little help.

TOP No. 10–8

This is the top 10-7 place of our sales volume. They are our 16 mm mink eyelashes. As a professional 3d mink lashes wholesale, we find that many customers need more natural eyelashes. 16 mm is undoubtedly their best choice!

TOP No. 7–5

This is the top7-5 place in our sales volume. It’s also a popular style in the world. It’s a choice you won’t regret. Compared with 16 mm eyelashes, they are more dense and durable on the basis of nature. After your careful care, they can be used 25 times!

TOP No. 4–2

The top 4-2 place that people expect! This is our 25mm mink lashes. Luxurious mink eyelashes are the best choice for aristocrats! His quality is incomparable! It’s more exquisite than you think!

TOP No. 1

DY12 25MM

It’s hard for you to imagine that we’ve sold tens of thousands of pairs of eyelashes in the first month. It’s the brand new 25mm mink lashes we just launched, which is very popular all over the world! His volume warping degree and warping degree are very dreamlike. Many customers reported that they sold out as soon as they received it, which made them have to place more orders! You can also see from the picture that there is only one word to describe this eyelash, that is: perfect!


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How Can Customers Without Logo Customize Their Logo On The Box?

How Can Customers Without Logo Customize Their Logo On The Box?

Don’t you know how to customize your eyelash box yet? Are you still worried about not having your own logo? Avou lashes is a famous eyelash vendors and lash packaging vendor. As a whiplash supplier, we provide customers with professional brand names or logos. The most important thing to start a eyelash business when you have your own brand logo. Many of our customers don’t have their own brand names or even logos, but according to the survey, special or creative brand names are enough to satisfy your customers. You don’t have to worry about this part, because we can design your logo for free!

1.What if I don’t have my own logo or brand name?

If you don’t have your own logo, don’t worry. Our company provides you with the most humanized service. If you place an order, we have a professional team of designers who can design your logo for free!
2.Can I see my logo before production?
As a professional whole custom eyelash packaging box.The answer is: of course! After we arrange the design for you, we will send the design drawings to you as soon as possible for you to check, until you are satisfied, no charge will be charged! So don’t worry!
3.How long does it take to design?
We have extensive experience in making mink eyelash logos. We’ve made a lot of eyelash logos that can make logos very fast and professional. Just one day! We can send you the beautiful logo, you will have many choices, because we have many beautiful eyelash LOGO!

custom eyelash packaging usa
custom eyelash packaging usa

Water curtain eyelash packaging

If you are looking for a professional team that can not only provide you with beautiful and popular boxes, but also make your logo for free, what else can you hesitate?


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You’ve Never Seen The Exclusive Inside Story Of Mink Eyelash Vendors Production And Factory!

You’ve Never Seen The Exclusive Inside Story Of Mink Eyelash Vendors Production And Factory!

You see many beautiful eyelashes on the market. Do you know how to produce the eyelashes provided by the high-quality mink eyelash vendors! Let’s uncover the inside story of mink eyelash making for you!

1.First of all, many customers have such questions about the hair of our mink. Is your eyelash zero cruel? Is it natural? Where’s your mink hair from? Is it through normal channels?

Our eyelashes are collected from the hair naturally shed by minks and then cleaned. Our workers make them by hand. Our most skilled workers can only make 20 pairs a day. It not only ensures the softness and nature of eyelashes, but also embodies the value and value of our eyelashes! So here I can definitely answer you that our eyelashes are absolutely zero cruelty, which is really made by Siberian mink!

2.Secondly, what is our factory and production environment like?

As a mink eyelash vendors who has been in operation for many years, we have a lot of customers, and customers have needs. In order to meet the needs of customers’ mass ordering, our factory has hundreds of workers who make eyelashes by hand. We do not use machines to produce eyelashes on a large scale, because girls’ eyes are very weak. In order to make eyelashes soft and natural, all our eyelashes are made by hand !

3.Do all eyelash suppliers have their own factories? What is your factory like?

Not all companies have their own factories. As eyelash vendors , we have our own factories, which is also the biggest competitive advantage among many companies of our company. We will not be out of stock and out of stock. The most important thing is that we can control the quality of our company’s eyelashes by ourselves. We will never allow inferior eyelashes to be provided to our customers!

If you want to find  reliable lash vendors, be sure to remember: pay attention to the strength of the company and product quality!

This is the top priority for you to start your eyelash business. These two are the most important criteria for you to consider a company.

To be sure, if you choose us, we will not let you down, so if you plan to start eyelash business, please feel free to contact us!

WAHTSAPP:+86 15575347900

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How To Start Eyelash Business And Grasp Business Opportunities During The Epidemic

How To Start Eyelash Business And Grasp Business Opportunities During The Epidemic

1.Now the global virus is breaking out and a lot of business has stopped. Why are the orders of our company increasing recently?
The answer is: We are professional eyelash vendors. Affected by the epidemic, shops and restaurants closed, but orders for our eyelashes increased. This is because many of our new and old customers know that now all the eyelash shops have very few eyelashes. When the popularity is over, everyone will buy a lot of eyelashes, and then they can seize the opportunity. As the demand for eyelashes increases, so will the price. So, when the business opportunity comes, it depends on whether you can grasp the opportunity to make money!

2.How to do eyelash business in a planned way during the epidemic?

The answer is:As a eyelash vendors.Many of our business minded customers have started to let their customers book in advance. Now many of their eyelashes are used up. But when they are hesitant to buy, you can attract customers’ attention through beautiful pictures and videos, let them book and replenish according to their needs, so that the epidemic will not have any impact on their business。Also won in the starting line of the market, and customers can accept a slightly higher price of fine mink eyelashes without buying ways. Many customers have ordered 500 pairs or more eyelashes during this period, so don’t regret losing the most profitable opportunity because of the epidemic in this period!

3.Will buying eyelashes now be threatened by the virus?

The answer is:NO!China China novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia expert Bruce Elward (Bruce Elward) recently praised the China’s epidemic prevention measures against new coronavirus pneumonia in the US media. “China’s epidemic has stabilized and is falling faster than expected,” the New York Times said in an interview. In general, because of the low surface survival of these coronaviruses, the risk of transmission through transport products or packaging in a few days or weeks at ambient temperature can be very low. At present, the epidemic situation has been well controlled, Chinese enterprises have basically returned to normal operation, delivery time, product quality and safety have been well guaranteed. You can order 25 mm eyelash, custom eyelash bag from mink’s yelash supplier at ease.

See here, I’m sure you can’t wait to try it yourself. Let’s contact us. We have the most charming mink eyelashes in the world. Wear our eyelashes to make you the most fashionable queen in 2020!!

WHATSAPP:+86 15575347900

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Mink Eyelashes Are Not Difficult To Pick, Master These 3 Principles Is Enough!

Mink Eyelashes Are Not Difficult To Pick, Master These 3 Principles Is Enough!

I believe many girls have used mink eyelashes. It can not only enlarge your eyes quickly, but also make your eyes look bright. Moreover, it is convenient, simple and quick to use, so that you can get rid of the trouble of big eyes. Can’t help but want a mink eyelash? The following three principles need to be mastered.

mink lashes wholesale
mink lashes wholesale

1. According to the mink eyelash material, we want to create natural and thick eyelashes, but the material is the most important. The make-up effect of false eyelashes of different materials is different. As long as the material is right, every girl can have natural curly eyelashes.

The softness and rigidity of different animal hair are different. The natural curling effect of mink eyelashes is better, which is close to the real eyelashes of human body, but the curling degree will decrease when encountering water. Horse hair is stiffer, and its softness is not good. The best choice is mink eyelash, which is not only natural but also soft.

Generally, when the eyelashes of animals burn, there will be a fishy smell of animals. After burning, they will become fine ashes.

2. According to the mink eyelash stem want to make up more natural and fit, different materials of mink eyelash stem is also a key consideration. Different materials of mink eyelash stem have different makeup effects and comfort. You can choose different types of eyelash stem according to your hobbies.

3. According to the type of mink eyelashes, everyone has different eye types. Different eye types and different types of false eyelashes will make your eyes more shiny and charming, and shape your eyes. Therefore, when selecting mink eyelashes, you can choose them according to your own eye type to create a makeup effect with half the effort.

See here, I’m sure you can’t wait to try it yourself. Let’s contact us. We have the most charming mink eyelashes in the world. Wear our eyelashes to make you the most fashionable queen in 2020!!

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Why Choose 3D Mink Eyelashes Over Faux Eyelashes

Why Choose 3D Mink Eyelashes Over Faux Eyelashes

As the name suggests, mink eyelashes are false eyelashes made from mink hair.Mink lashes is usually obtained from the fur of the mink’s naturally shed tail and a small amount of back hair.

Origin of 3D mink eyelashes:

The mink’s hair is usually taken from the mink that is raised manually. This kind of mink is mostly the American mink that is cultivated artificially. The hair length, size and color are relatively average. Then the eyelash workers carefully select the mink’s hair that falls off naturally in the length of 32-35cm, and ensure that each hair has a hair peak, so that the complete mink eyelash can be made.

3D Mink eyelash advantage:

1.The structure of mink lashes is close to that of human hair

2. Mink lashes hair is softer and more natural than other materials.

3.Mink lashes can be processed in the later period, which can achieve the 3D effect of eyelashes.

Wearing a method:

1. compare the length of your own eyeliner and cut out the excess eyeliner.

2. lashes should be worn with special glue, evenly and thinly applied to the surface of eyelash eyelashes.

3. use eyelash tweezers to clip the roots of eyelashes, so that their eyeliners can be attached to their upper eyelids, and the appropriate adjustment positions should be adjusted at the time of the contract to suit their dress requirements.

4. You can use the eyelash clip to gently clamp your real and fake eyelashes to make them fit tightly.

5. if there are still needs, you can apply some Mascara properly or paint some eyeliners properly.

3D Mink eyelash maintenance method:

1. Remove the eyelashes after wearing each time, wash the remaining glue with warm water and air dry naturally.

2. Then put the eyelashes back into the original eyelash holder and store in a cool and dry place.

3. Because mink eyelashes are made of natural hair, try to reduce contact with water in the process of use, otherwise it is easy for the hair to become hairy.

We are a professional 3d mink lashes wholesale. We have ten years of production and sales experience. Mink eyelashes are made from natural loose mink hair. They are soft, natural and fluffy. They are different from the quality of artificial eyelashes (human eyelashes are hard, rough and easily allergic to eye damage).So we sincerely recommend mink eyelashes to you!
We provide you with professional soft natural 3d mink lashes wholesale, and there are dozens of styles for you to choose from. If you are interested, please contact me!!
Whatsapp: +86 15575347900
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How To Follow The Trend Of Custom Eyelash Packaging

How to follow the trend of custom eyelash packaging

1.Do you know what is the most important thing to do well in the eyelash business?The most important thing is that you have best-selling eyelashes and beautiful boxes.It’s important to know what is the most popular box on the market right now.

Here are some of the best selling and most popular boxes we surveyed:

2.According to our research, there is a retro trend in the market!Many customers are rushing to buy old-fashioned and nostalgic things, such as tapes, dictionaries, mobile phones and so on.At the same time a ha ha box is also quietly rising, this box has a variety of colors for you to choose a variety of patterns, mesh design is more novel.This must have aroused your curiosity, the following is specially customized for our customers, don’t miss the opportunity to fashion.

3.Without the ability to update, customers’ perception of the style is always lagging behind and they lose a lot of opportunities to make money in the market.You didn’t update the style of the box.Once a new product appears in the market, your customers will quickly lose and turn to others with new products.Low quality products have no innovative style.They only produce the lowest quality products and reduce the price to compete.

custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging

If you are interested in more of the latest boxes, please contact me immediately!!

WHATSAPP:+86 15575347900

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AVOU Lashes Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

AVOU Lashes Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

AVOU eyelashes is a high quality Eyelash Vendors and wholesale 16/20/22/25mm eyelashes to the United States.AVOU Eyelash Vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes merchants with its high-quality products and thoughtful after-sales service as well as fast delivery.With more than five years of experience in the wholesale and production of mink eyelashes, AVOU eyelashes have gradually grown and innovated. Numerous styles on the market are developed independently by us. We handmade 3D mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes.

AVOU eyelashes are wholesale mink eyelashes that are widely acclaimed in the market.As the real supplier of mink eyelashes in the world, we will continue to design and innovate, so that our mink eyelashes customers really fall in love with the eyelash business!

AVOU eyelashes have been widely praised for their excellent quality for many years. When customers try to place an order for the first time, they tend to be skeptical, but when they receive eyelashes, the reply we get is always: I can’t wait for the second order!Because it often leads to missed opportunities

Our style lashes is one important part of lash family besides natural styles and whispy styles. It is now more popular, because it can replace the make up extension, but it is super cheaper, repadly apply on and also many times reusable.

We have round-the-clock service and you can contact us at any time

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Why New Eyelashes Are Selling All Over America?

What kind of eyelashes are popular in America?

Our latest 25 mm eyelashes DY series, why is it so popular?

First, let’s take a look at our eyelash catalogue:

25mm lashes of DY

And, of course, our best-selling styles:

Second, why our new eyelashes on the market is so popular!

1.From beginning to end, we always insist on the handwork. Our eyelashes are all hand-made Siberian mink hair. By collecting the hair that the mink naturally falls off, our most skilled workers can only make 20 pairs per day

2.The quality of our lashes has been further improved to meet the requirement that more customers can use them more times for the cost of a pair of lashes.We can normally use this eyelash 30-35 times!Amazing quality. Why not place an order?

3.Only our eyelashes are verified by the country, which is also the guarantee that our brand is at the top of Google search!

4.The most important thing is that the quality has improved, but the price has not increased. Our eyelashes are the same as the previous DL style, but the quality is much better than DL, and the styles are more and more beautiful!

5.Last but not least, our eyelashes are popular because of the trust of new and old customers, so that we can dedicate better eyelashes to our customers

We believe that the new products will surely attract more customers’ attention, now the bulk order is more preferential, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact me!!

                                                                                                                                  WHATSAPP:+86 15575347900