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Bratz Doll & Cartoon Lash boxes– The Most Popular Design Now!

Bratz Doll & Cartoon Lash boxes– The Most Popular Design Now!

Do you want your eyelash business to stand out among the many eyelash businesses? So with this in mind, AVOU Lashes often advises our customers to choose new marketing strategies. So create your own brand name and Customize Your Own Eyelash Box for your 3D Mink Eyelashes. Because this is not only to protect eyelashes, but also to promote the brand.

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There is no doubt that the best-selling box in the first half of 2020 is the acrylic box printed with butterfly patterns. We sold 400,000 sales in half a year, which is very surprising.

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Now, Bratz Doll & Cartoon Lash boxes have slowly started to become popular, and many customers are willing to order this type of boxes. why?

Eyelash Packaging Box Custom

First of all, little girls always like dolls when they are young. When they grow up, they still have these feelings in their hearts.

Custom Lash Box Design

Then, because of everyone’s love for cartoons, when we use similar packaging, it is easy to resonate with everyone and leave an impression on customers. This will make our brand more recognizable and business will get better and better.

Lash Packaging Vendors

Nowadays, many people like to use their own photos to make cartoon effects as their own logo, which has become a popular trend.

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