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Qingdao Avou Lash Vendors , located Qingdao, China, We are was  Horse Hair Fake Eyelashes Manufacturer , We are specialized in the production of Horse Fur False Eyelashes, 3D Horse Fur False Eyelashes and # 3D Mink Lashes # 3D Silk Lashes # Faux Mink Lashes # Human Hiar Lashes # Horse Hair Lashes # Custom Eyelashes Box, ordinary mink eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, eyelash extensions, fiber eyelashes and false eyelashes for a variety of other materials.

Wide Horse Hair False Eyelashes Range To Choose From

For false eyelashes our main items are Horse Hair False Eyelashes horse hair lashes, 3D faux mink fur strip eyelashes, 3D Korean silk strip eyelash extensions, individual eyelashes extensions and volume eyelashes extensions. These lashes can be packed with your private logo and brand name. We can also duplicate the lashes and the packages based on your samples. We have designed more than 600 styles of fashion eyelashes and 100 styles of package for different kind of eyelashes.

Horse Hair False Eyelashes Are Exported To Various Countries

We can also customize lashes based on your samples. All of our Horse Hair False Eyelashes are 100% handmade. We have a dedicated system for designing, manufacturing and distributing false eyelashes to customers around the world, and we have gained a good reputation all over the world especially to the US, Australia, Japan, Europe and other countries.

Supported By Strong R&D And Production Team

Our company has a strong R&D and production team. We endeavor to provide most premium Horse Hair False Eyelashes

Sincerely Hope To Make Friends With You

AVOU Lashes aims is to pursue that you can be more beautiful. Our products are healthy, fashionable and popular with excellent quality. OEM and ODM services, call us now. We sincerely hope to make friends with you.

2018 officially launch, of course, one of the most important thing is to find ways to create a unique opening makeup! Opening makeup are not necessarily all red glow with a good mood to bring a pink orange is actually a good choice for lucky makeup, eye makeup is the most important makeup, make-up must wear Horse Lashes this will More natural, Horse Lashes and LADYGAGA have the same style,in the overall ,it made people feel clarity and bright,even good mood.

Overall,LADYGAGA looks more matte, whether the foundation or bitten lip,both prefer to velvet texture. Based on the same pink style, Yun Er’s makeup and lip makeup are full of moist feeling, with a touch of blush,that looks really brilliant. Moreover, not only make the skin look more transparent white light, but also can bring luck or love affair..

Guan Xiaotong’s make-up determined version is the combination of pink and orange determined! No longer use a large area of the pink in the lip, but become the better blusher with natural blush. At the same time,lip makeup become a safer moist meat orange, yellow skin is also more peace of mind to use, but also to avoid the overall makeup too naive problem.

If you want to be more mature and stable makeup ,it is also no problem! Yang Mi’s makeup style is your best choice. Yang Mi has a slightly longer eyebrow tail, lipstick is a velvet version, you can create a slightly offensive feeling of British makeup, but be eyelid upturned eyeliner can retain gentle eye makeup, that would be perfect style.

Of course, the classic lips makeup should not be forgotten! Baby who has a red-orange makeup with red lips makes the overall style look full of fullness, orange tone is even more clear-cut white tricks, the person with yellow skin must not forget it. At the same time ,cheek using lightly pink blush and makeup can bring some lovely feeling, will not make the lips look aggressive too strong.

The next is the color of bring good luck. Usually blush would show the vivid and young feeling, but if you do not like the sweet feeling of blush , you can use light moisturizing light concealer now brighten, but also make the skin looks bright and dynamic.

Remember to wear Horse Lashes when painting your eye make-up, and then use your eyelash curler to lift your Horse Hair Flase Lashes curls well after wearing. Upturned Horse Lashes is definitely the key trick that makes both eyes look electric. Horse Lashes sometimes more than eye liner to enhance the beauty of eye makeup, especially remind, if you want to purchase Horse Lashes ,you must go to http://www.avoulashes.com this site to buy, where the eyelashes are handmade with pure natural Mink Fur.You will look beautiful and natural after wearing it.

At last but not least is the choice of lip color . If you are not sure pink or red which is suitable for own style, it is better to choose the middle of the color called orange or orange pink! With other colors at the same time the orange tone can not only play the role of the largest mention color, but also a variety of colors can be assured of significant use of white, if you want to launch one year’s luck you must prepare one.

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